NEON: 48,866 energy-related disputes handled in 2013

The members of NEON, the National Energy Ombudsman Network, globally handled 48,866 energy-related disputes in 2013.

The analysis of its members’ complaint data will feed into NEON’s work programme for 2015. In this context, NEON will set up three main working groups:

  1. Consumer data management and complaint handling monitoring;
  2. Stakeholder engagement (teaming up with consumers associations, at EU and national/regional levels);
  3. “Complaints of the future” working group, dealing with issues related to smart meters, smart grids and other innovative energy-related services.

NEON will also continue to work on strengthening and expanding its network in order to guarantee the fundamental consumer’s right to have an easy access to the services of independent national and regional ombudsmen and ADR bodies in Europe.