NEON’s Position Paper on the Energy Union

NEON, the National Energy Ombudsman Network, is pleased to announce the publication of its position paper on the European Commission’s Energy Union.

The paper provides NEON’s comments on the current proposal for an Energy Union, emphasising topics of relevance for consumers, in particular:

  • Stakeholders’ shared responsibility on consumers’ engagement in the energy market;
  • The tailoring of the Internal Energy Market for consumers, especially the most vulnerable ones;
  • A common framework to protect end consumers with minimum standards for prices and price comparison tools, sales, switches, moving, contractual terms, unified communications, information on real-time consumption with smart meters, easily understandable bills, and complaint procedures;
  • The central importance of a full implementation of the Third Energy Package.

NEON will continue to work closely with the European Commission to promote the fundamental consumer’s right to have an easy access to the services of an independent ombudsman and ADR bodies.