NEON General Meeting: renewed long-term vision and work programme

On the 13th of June, NEON members met in Brussels to approve a renewed long-term vision and work programme and discuss latest EU policy developments.

NEON members confirm their ambition of becoming the network uniting all publicly-mandated, independent and not-for-profit consumer dispute-resolution services active in the energy sector. NEON’s work programme for the coming months will build on this vision and on the variety of NEON members to promote the exchange on common interests and shared challenges.

Fostering the exchange among its members and with other stakeholders on relevant topics is among the main missions of NEON. Some of the issues NEON will focus on in the coming months relate to market developments and include the roll-out of smart meters and its challenges, new market actors and services and vulnerable consumers.

For more information, consult the “NEON Exchange of Good Practices 2018-2019” document or contact the Secretariat.