New Market, New Consumers, New Challenges – Let’s Explore Energy Consumer Needs! – Sustainable Energy Week 2016

energyweekWith the development of new technologies, the digitalisation of the market, demand-side flexibility, and demand side management among other, energy companies (DSO and suppliers), service companies, ESCOs, cooperatives and third parties offer or will offer new practices, products, and services for their customers.

NEON believes policy-makers, companies, regulators, ombudsmen and ADR entities all have their role to play in managing consumer expectations and protecting them. All consumers are different and cannot be treated the same, and to be able to meet consumer needs, stakeholders need to adopt a flexible, consumer-centred approach.

On 15 June, this workshop will gather stakeholders to identify subjects likely to generate complaints in the forthcoming years: smart meters, complaints coming from collective switching campaigns, new technologies, added value services, the digitalisation of the market, the demand-side flexibility and demand side management… and find appropriate solutions to tackle them. In 2015, NEON organized a first workshop on the complaints of the future.

Panellists, acting at different levels in the energy market, will discuss the key issues that consumers will have to face in the coming years. The debate will be oriented around two key questions:

  1. How will new practices, products, and services challenge energy consumers?
  2. How can stakeholders work to make sustainable and smart energy and services accessible for all?


NEON will take the opportunity to present the first set of data collected by ombudsmen in 2015. This unique set of data is one of the most efficient tools to establish a clear picture of shortcomings in the market. To achieve a strong consumer engagement, and increase trust in such a fast-changing market, stakeholders should send unambiguous and positive signals for consumers. Hence, NEON will also present the first developments of the Consumer Code, a series of thirteen key recommendations aimed to protect end consumers, with the principle of solidarity and responsibility at its core.

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