NEON welcomes AEEGSI, the Italian regulator, its newest member

NEON, the network of energy ADR and ombudsmen, welcomes AEEGSI (Italy) as its newest member.

Each new member brings more consumer empowerment and a more comprehensive view of the energy retail marketsaid Lewis Shand Smith, President of NEON. Stronger networking on ADR and a wider accessibility of those procedures leads to more consumers asserting their rights and will allow NEON to produce better quality data on complaint management.


The Italian Autorità per l’energia elettrica il gas e il sistema idrico (AEEGSI) choose to become an associate member of NEON, a statute recently created to allow different types of relevant parties, such as ADR entities belonging to the regulator, to join NEON. Thanks to this new membership option, a greater number of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) bodies is now networking to encourage the protection and empowerment of energy consumers, improving the quality of alternative forms of dispute resolution.

“European energy customers will benefit from the exchange of best ADR practices among independent energy ombudsmen” said Roberto Malaman, Director for Consumers and ADR Procedures at AEEGSI.


Belonging to NEON allows an ADR body to join a growing network of dynamic Ombudsmen and ADR entities whose expertise in mediation and understanding of the energy market are widely acknowledged. Ombudsmen and ADR entities working effectively together increase the visibility of the sector, add to public trust and consumer empowerment, and bring further legitimacy to the important work of ADR bodies in Europe and throughout the world.


Living in a globalised world, issues are not confined by geographic borders, and problems can be best tackled when different perspectives are blended. Hence, the latest Consumer Scoreboard reported that almost a third of the citizens surveyed across Europe say they are having problems with their electricity bills. NEON aims to welcome diverse views and approaches from a range of backgrounds from organisations active in and with Europe. By joining NEON, ADR entities’ organisation and staff can be part of this dynamic community.


NEON is planning a meeting with ADR bodies in January 2017 to exchange on good practices and discuss the membership opportunities.


For more information, please feel free to contact the secretariat or visit NEON website.

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